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Richest people in Mombasa Kenya 2020 – Full List

Below is a list of The Richest People in Mombasa Kenya 2020.



Governor Joho

Richest People in Mombasa: Mombasa harbors some of the wealthiest individuals in Kenya. Vipingo has become a small town for most of, The Richest People in Mombasa Kenya 2020.

Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, Chris Kirubi all have houses and homes in Mombasa. However, these are not locals. Today we take a look at some of the wealthiest Individuals from Mombasa.

Below is a list of The Richest People in Mombasa Kenya 2020.

1. ASUU (Mombasa cement)

Richest people in Mombasa
Bhadra Shah – Group
Richest people in Mombasa

This individual has stayed away from the limelight for the longest time. He is mostly referred to by his alias Asuu.

He owns the largest cement manufacturing company in Mombasa, the Mombasa cement and a corrugated Iron sheet company.

Asuu is known for his generosity by the locals. The billionaire feeds thousands of homeless people daily. He also has set up children’s homes, helps clean Mombasa town and fencing of schools and police stations.

The Business Mogul is the first individual that has publicly refused a government post even after locals asked him to go for it.

Mombasa Billionaire who refused any government office post but feeds half of the poor population.

2. Swaleh Nguru

 Swaleh Nguru
Richest people in Mombasa

He started off as a fishmonger before slowly rising up the ranks to becoming one of Mombasa’s wealthiest individuals. As of 2015, Forbes estimated his worth to be around Ksh 1.1 Billion.

Swaleh deals in Textiles, Ranching, real estate, and Sisal. He is Mombasa’s second richest individual.

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3. Tahir Sheikh Said Family (TSS)

Tahir Sheikh Said Richest in Mombasa
Tahir Sheikh Said

TSS is a Mombasa household name. He is among the first business entrepreneurs in Mombasa to have ventured in almost all fields in business.

Transport, textiles, food and beverages, and even real estates. Tahir was born in 1942 and was an important figure in Mombasa until his demise in 2017.

His businesses including the iconic TSS towers are now controlled by his children. His family is third in the list of the richest in Mombasa.

4. Joho’s family

Gover Joho among wealthiest People in Mombasa
Governor Joho
Richest People in Mombasa

The family of Mombasa governor led by his big brother Abu Joho is fourth among Mombasa’s wealthiest individuals.

The family business is run by Abu who continues to increase his family fortune. He deals in a number of projects and businesses.

The Joho family owns a number of freight and shipping companies and a logistics company, (The East African Terminal Limited). They also venture in Textiles and manufacturing.

Joho as an individual lives a flamboyant lifestyle. He owns some of the top most luxurious car fleets and a helicopter. The Mombasa governor has a charity foundation that assists the less fortunate.

5. Rashid Mohammed Sajjad.

Rashid Sajjad was a popular political figure during the late President Moi’s regime. The business Mogul rose the political ranks to become Mombasa’s nominated MP.

He invested most of his time and money in business giving rise to the Milly group of companies. His empire is comprised of the Milly glass factories and the Milly Fruits and beverages. The business mogul also invested in textiles among other businesses.

Richest people in Mombasa

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