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Intimate photos of KTN point-blank host Tony Gachoka posted online by Socialite Sharon in along expose after he failed to pay for services

Tony Gachoka has been the topic of discussion on Twitter following an expose by one Sharon Nduta.



  • Twitter has been on fire after one socialite wannabe decided to expose KTN’s Tony Gachoka.
  • The girl alleged that the KTN TV host could not keep his hands on himself when they met.
  • The Host has responded but still many are shocked.

Tony Gachoka has been the topic of discussion on Twitter following an expose by one Sharon Nduta.

The wannabe socialite/slay queen posted the first tweet threatening to expose Gachoka but her tweet was received as an empty threat by many.

The tweet read;

Working with Tony Gachoka is difficult. He is constantly on liquor and excited. Has no respect for professionalism and privacy. He tried to grab my boobs at his house in presence of @iamlegitdaily and @_mmJosh. My wozzap is full of silly pictures of small things. Ill EXPOSE SOON.

But how did all this begin?

Sharon Nduta and Gachoka met on working grounds where she was tasked with making sure the hashtag #KTNpointblank did trend on twitter every time they were on air.

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Gachoka would later ditch Nduta for another social media ‘influencer’ after he alleged that she could not push the twitter thread as expected by the company.

Nduta, on the other hand, alleged that Gachoka was all over her and had receipts to back up her story. She even went ahead to share some silly photos of her and the host.

Sharon Nduta shares photos with KTN’s Tonny Gachoka

Although Tony has come out to refute these claims, more shocking photos and videos have surfaced online backing up her story.

Tony Gachoka refutes claims of ever being intimate With Sharon Nduta

A majority of Twitter users including frequent guests on Tony’s Point Blank show had something to say;

Tony Gachoka Sharon Nduta Expose

Gachoka who is the former director of the protocol in Raila’s office says the pictures being shared online are meant to taint his image.

He however maintained that he was a single man and lived a happy life treating himself to good booze once in a while.

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