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Why #KenyavsSouthAfrica is trending on twitter today



  • KOT, Kenyans on twitter are known to be the most notorious group when it comes to cyberbullying other countries.
  • Countries like Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana have all tried starting online beef with KOT but surrendered midway.
  • Today South Africans have tried giving KOT a challenge and it didn’t end well for them as usual.

Why #KenyavsSouthAfrica is trending on twitter: Kenyans are known to be the most aggressive type and can defend their country to the death against any country trying to demean them.

Nigerians, Tanzanians, Ghanaian, Somalians have all tried the online war with Kenyans but ended up regretting their choices.

Just a few days ago, Kenyans were named Africa’s top internet users and the most innovative and creative in technology.

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KOT or Kenyans on twitter are known to tackle issues boldly while hiding behind the keyboard.

Why #KenyavsSouthAfrica is trending on twitter
Why #KenyavsSouthAfrica is trending on twitter

This group attacks the government, the president, his deputy, or anyone they feel like has in one way or another gone astray.

They have taken it upon themselves to be Kenya’s online moral police that fights Kenya’s atrocities without fear.

However, the same group does not allow intruders to interfere in matters concerning their country.

The group has made it clear that any country that decides to pock their noses in their business becomes national enemy number one.

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Today the Soth Africans tried messing with KOT and were warned by other countries against trying to fight an online war with Kenyans.

They however did not listen and went ahead to hit at KOT the war official began.

Here are comments from hashtag.

Follow more comments on the hashtag #KenyansvsSouthAfrica

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