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Meet Mombasa hijab and Buibui wearing prostitutes who sell their ‘NYUMA’ for not more than Ksh 100.

The Swahili Ninja prostitutes may appear shocking in their preferences. Most of them still believe their husbands deserve to have their Nunu and hence prefer to sell their bottoms.




Mombasa buibui wearing prostitutes: Tourism, until recently, has been Mombasa’s top income earner and region’s economic backbone.
The Kenya Marine Port, (KPA) has also helped Mombasa’s economy until recently when the government introduced Nairobi’s dry-land port.
All these plus the introduction of the SGR has brought Mombasa to its knees. This has in one way affected Mombasa’s moral being among the youths.

Mombasa buibui wearing prostitutes: Mombasa residents, just like all Kenyans are enduring the hardship imposed on citizens by the government as the country’s economy continues to dwindle.

The region for the longest time had a stable economy. This was before tourism took a tragic turn. Before the government decided to have an inland port, and lastly before the introduction of the SGR.

The introduction of the SGR and Nairobi’s dry-land port has two sides on its effects and is debatable, tourism is not. Most families depended on this and its slow death has affected a majority of the coastal communities.

A number of youths have ventured into Boda Boda and Tuk Tuk businesses. Some are Matatu drivers and touts while the majority work as laborers in building sites.

The remaining unemployed group has formed dangerous gangs taunting residents and business owners. Others, both the female and male have ventured into prostitution.

Today, we take a look at the sorry lives of young girls who have become hardcore prostitutes. Those parading and selling their bodies cheaply to survive.

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Ashamed to prostitute

Speaking to some of these social workers. Most of them have no alternatives to fend for their families. Some of them are breadwinners and are forced to do anything to put food on the table.

Some, however, have chosen to do this for easy money. They are proud of it and can shame anyone who does not pay for services.

Those who are ashamed to do this have devised a way to prostitute without revealing their identity. These are the ‘NINJA’ prostitutes.


Ninja prostitution comes from prostituting while dressed up the Ninja way. This entails wearing a Buibui and covering your head and face with a Hijab in a way only your eyes are visible.

Mombasa buibui wearing prostitutes
Mombasa buibui wearing prostitutes

This mode of dressing is a religious and respected type among the Muslim religion. Women dress up like this when attending a prayer gathering or in the open where they can make men lust for them.

Things have changed. The same dressing mode is now being used to hide and perform heinous acts like theft and prostitution.

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Ninja prostitution started with Mombasa local women who could not afford to be seen while committing such atrocities. They decided to carry out prostitution while hiding under the Buibui and Hijab.

It worked for them. As early as 6PM, even before the sun sets, a number of these ladies head for Mombasa’s CBD and other parts of the city. They wave at cars and passerby’s trying to get clients for the day.

According to reports, these are the cheapest social workers ready to part away with as little as Ksh 100.

While most of them were of the Swahili and the Mijikenda origin, their colleagues from the upcountry have joined them. Male sex workers have also joined them. It’s a big mess!

They prefer the unusual

The Swahili Ninja prostitutes may appear shocking in their preferences. Most of them still believe their husbands deserve to have their Nunu and hence prefer to sell their bottoms.

They give that out without any worry and seem to enjoy it. Without a care in the world, they sit on corridors along city roads waving and waiting for any thirsty guy to come their way.

Men looking to have some good time have however run into shocking incidences. Some have taken home guys thinking it was a lady. Some have met Wamboi’s hoping to cuddle with some Khadija.

Most shockingly, some have been drugged, robbed and everything from them stolen. This is Mombasa. Stay Woke!


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