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I will pay the hospital bills. Babu Owino sends birthday message to DJ Evolve as he turns a year older in a hospital

I would not wish to dwell in that but matters bill, I will pay the bills and leave it there.




DJ Evolve has today celebrated his birthday while on a hospital bed fighting for his health.
Friends, family, and well-wishers have all sent him birthday greetings wishing him a quick recovery.
Babu Owino was among those that sent his greetings wishing the DJ a quick recovery.

Babu Owino Evolve birthday: Months after his unfortunate shooting by Embakasi East MP, Hon. Babu Owino, DJ Evolve has today celebrated his birthday.

Lying on his hospital bed, the DJ has received a dozen of messages wishing him all the best as he adds another year.

While others brought him flowers and cards to help him through this hard time, his assailant, Babu Owino had some good news for him.

The Member of parliament wished the DJ all the best as he went through his medication. He also promised to pay all the medical expenses incurred while on a radio interview.

Babu Owino cash bail reduced to 5 Million from 10 by the high court. Rules he should not be forced to pay DJ Evolves medical bills.


Babu Owino DJ Evolve birthday
Babu Owino Evolve birthday

Weeks ago, Babu Owino via his Twitter account shared what he alleged was an invoice from Nairobi hospital for DJ Evolve’s medication.

The hospital had billed the legislature a receipt of Ksh 6.9 Million for the medical expenditure of DJ Evolve in just a month.

Babu and some of his supporters were angry about the amount charged. The prestigious hospital was asked to explain how they came up with the humongous figure.

During his cash bail hearing weeks ago, the MP asked if he was to continue paying for the DJ’s medication. This was after the court slammed him with a Ksh. 10 Million cash bail.

Nairobi hospital bills Babu Owino Ksh 6.9 Million for DJ Evolves medical expenditure

Cash Bail appeal ruling

Yesterday, March 4th, 2020, the high court during Babu Owino’s cash bail appeal hearing ruled in favor of the MP. The court ruled to slash the MP’s cash bail into half asking him to pay Ksh 5 Million.

Today, the High Court ruled in favor of Babu Owino and reduced his cash bail from Ksh 10 Million to Ksh 5 Million. The…

Posted by Mgahawani on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

In it’s hearing, the court also noted that Babu was not to be forced into paying DJ Evolve’s medical expenditure since the case was in court.

This Kenyans thought was the worst ruling against the case and some went ahead to claim the MP was being favored.

Babu has however shocked many today after he sent the DJ his birthday wishes. Speaking to Capital FM, the legislature said Evolve’s shooting had become personal and was working on it.

He also added that he had forgiven himself for being part of such a regrettable incident. He asked Kenyans not to dwell on the past and move on because he too was moving on.

When asked about paying Evolve’s medical bills, Babu answered;

I would not wish to dwell in that but matters bill, I will pay the bills and leave it there.

This has surely come as good news to the family of the DJ who had come out in public asking well-wishers for monetary help.

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