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Diamond could not stand Tanasha because she was learned. She refused to drink Mama Dangote’s concoction

Diamond’s family has been known to love and use Juju not just in making money but controlling the entire music industry.



  • Bongo controversial male socialite Mwijaku has spoken on Diamond-Tanasha breakup.
  • Everyone seems to have a different version of their story but Mwijaku’s version makes more sense.
  • The controversial male figure had this to say about this story.

Tanasha refused Mama Dangote’s Concoction: The now trending story about the breakup of celebrity couple Tanasha and Diamond has been twisted by blogs and fans.

While many attribute the breakup to Diamond’s cheating and lack of respect for women, a different version of the story has come up.

Mwijaku, a controversial male socialite from Tanzania has given his own version that somehow makes sense.

Diamond’s family has been known to love and use Juju not just in making money but controlling the entire music industry.

Tanasha has blocked me. Esma Platnumz, Diamond’s sister

Mama Dangote has been known to be the mastermind of this and makes sure his son and those she loves are ‘protected’ by the supernatural.

Tanasha, on the other hand, is learned and believes not the supernatural. Growing up from a religions background and some good education, she could not believe in such.

Mama Dangote and Tanasha had a good relationship. The only thing they did not concur with, is the use of supernatural concoctions. This according to Diamond’s mum was meant to protect them.

Tanasha refused Mama Dangote's Concoction:
Tanasha refused Mama Dangote’s Concoction:

According to Mwijaku, on different occasions, Mama Dangote tried giving Tanasha these herbs to drink. Tanasha took them and poured them away when no one was watching.

Tanasha poured away Mama Dangote’s concoctions;

Mama Dangote would since learn of this. During this period, Tanasha was pregnant and the concoctions were to protect her from bad eyes. Tanasha could not drink.

Asante kwa mtoto sasa pisha wenzako. Rayvanny mocks Tanasha amidst breakup rumors with Diamond.

After giving birth, Mama Dangote decided to tie a black charm on Nassib Junior. Tanasha, not believing all these decided to remove the charm.

That was the beginning of all her miseries. While Diamond is controlling and all. He follows most of his mother’s advice. This is why Mama Dangote is WCB’s CEO.

Mwijaku claims that Mama Dangote advised Diamond against marrying Tanasha. She argued that she was more educated and would be his downfall.

Diamond listened and this would be the start of the end of their relationship. Source: Mgahawani Swahili

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