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Tanasha has blocked me. Esma Platnumz, Diamond’s sister



  • Esma Platnumz has spoken about being blocked on Instagram by Tanasha Donna.
  • The block came days before Tanasha packed and left Tanzania amid breakup rumors
  • Tanasha left Tanzania for Nairobi after she decided to leave Diamond following infidelity rumors.

Tanasha has blocked me. Esma Platnumz: Esma Platnumz has confirmed being blocked on Instagram by Tanasha Donna in an interview with Wasafi TV.

Speaking to the Tanzania local TV station owned by Diamond, Esma noted that the block came to her as a shocker.

First, she learned that Tanasha had stopped following her. Days later, she came to the realization that she had decided to completely block her.

It’s however alleged that Tanasha decided to block Esma after she posted photos of Hamisa Mobeto.

Mama Dangote sends away Tanasha without son after confirmed breakup rumors with Diamond

When this happened, it had been alleged that Diamond and Hamisa were secretly seeing each other. Tanzanian blogs had insinuated that Diamond had ditched Tanasha’s EP launch to be with Hamisa.

Tanasha has blocked me.  Esma Platnumz
Tanasha has blocked me. Esma Platnumz


Esma defended her posting of Hamisa. She argued that she and Mobeto had no beef and supported each other if the need arises.

On whether Diamond and Donna had broken up, Esma simply left the question unanswered. She, however, asked the public to stop attacking her and her mother whenever Diamond messed up.

Esma had earlier been attacked by Tanasha’s fans for allowing her brother to cheat and condoning it.

Diamond has not given an official statement about the issue. Reports, however, are that he is currently in the united states with his current catch. The Jeje video vixen.

Tanzanian blogs had also noted that Mama Dangote had chased away Tanasha without her son. Those reports were gashed by Tanasha after she posted a video story of her and son at their Nairobi Home.

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