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Why Samba Club Bamburi Sunday service has become a must-attend for Mombasa revelers



Samba Bamburi Sunday service has become a must-attend: For Mombasa fun lovers and revelers, the Saturday night out is never enough.

The Sunday service has been a thing for a long time. Bobs bar and restaurant started the trend and was the biggest party time for those who party hard.

Samba Club Bamburi's Sunday service has become a must-attend

Years later, Samba Bamburi took over the batton and I must say, their Sunday service has had people talking.

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Normally, this drink and dance escapades start very early, around 5 AM in the morning. While other clubs are closing and having revelers leave, those who still want to continue drinking and dancing converge for an extension.

Those who attend the Sunday Service say it’s the most entertaining and the climax of a good night out.

Samba Club Bamburi's Sunday service has become a must-attend

Passerby’s have been seen nodding as people drink and dance themselves silly in the middle of the day.

Samba’s Sunday service hosts the best DJs around Mombasa and has continued serving it’s congregation without a care of whether it’s noon or early morning. The party goes on.

Samba Club Bamburi's Sunday service has become a must-attend

Samba’s congregation is a loyal one and those who attend the service never fail to return saying it’s the most addictive party anyone can be at.

Women, good music and alcohol is the go thing for a majority of the party lovers and at Samba’s Sunday services, all these are in plenty.

This has made the club stand out from all other clubs that try to host similar gigs. I bet you once you experience the Samba Sunday experience, you will never look back.

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