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My son is dying, Kenyans please help me raise money to fly him to India for surgery, DJ Evolve’s father pleads after Babu fails



Mr. John Orinda is pleading with Kenyans to help him raise money to fly his son, DJ Evolve to India for critical medical surgery.

Although he was traumatized with the shooting of his son, the good father thanked Babu Owino for having taken his son to the hospital and saving his life.

My son is dying, Kenyans please help me raise money to fly him to India – Father to DJ Evolve who was shot by Babu pleads

Reports are doctors have advised that the DJ be flown to India for intesive surgery that could help save his life.

Reports indicate that his life is in a critical condition that could would results to fatal outcomes if not quickly taken care of.

Doctors say his left side has paralyzed. He can neither move his limps nor talk.

John Orinda, father to Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve says his son can neither talk nor eat. his condition is worsening by the day and doctors want him flown to India as soon as possible.

The date set for his travel is 15th of this month and Mr John Orinda says his pockets are empty for such a trip.


Kenyans have however maintained that Babu shouldpersonally take care of the Hospital Bills until the DJ fully recovers.

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