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Ladies prefer men with small dicks – study



Do ladies prefer men with small dicks? This question has been asked several times and the answer according to study is yes!

Study shows, for a woman to cum or squirt she only needs to be stimulated and not have huge things inserted in her.

There has been a myth among men that ladies prefer men with long strokes and those carrying huge punishers in their drawers.

This is not true. Any man, no matter the size can make a woman scream from pleasure.

How you use your punisher is what matters. No matter the size, all a lady wants is to be stimulated and feel nice.

Women have gone ahead to state that men who carry big have no clue of how they can satisfy a woman.

Just because they are huge, they tend to think that is all a woman needs to be satisfied and tend to forget the important details.

Women need to be pampered, romanced, played with before they can want things to be in them.

Men don’t do that. We can’t blame our girls for dating each other. Girls know how to treat girls. They know how to touch, kiss and caress. Men know how to put it in hard.

Women have also noted that men with these big punishers have a strong sexual-urge and end up hurting them in the process.

Sex without foreplay is punishment.

Men with smaller dicks are said to be more romantic and know how to use their fingerlings. They know how to put a woman in the mood and know where to stroke.

A majority of women say they prefer men with smaller dicks because they are the it thing.

Having a small cassava for a man however is an embarrassment. It’s not something one can boast off openly.

But now you know what women prefer. You are free to leave a comment and tell us what you think.

My names are rachael. Fashion blogger and editor at please feel free to email me for any queries.

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