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Ally Mahaba’s Jitume is a smashing hit



Ally Mahaba Jitume: Ally Mahaba has slowly risen ranks to be among Kenya’s top artists delivering hits after hits.

Starting up, the singer had ambitions to take over the coastal entertainment scene as the best there ever has been.

His hardwork and determination is slowly paying up as fans continue to support his music journey.

Ally Mahaba Jitume

Ally has never dissapointed. His single Sina Ujanja topped the chats as the best song of 2019. This year he is here to claim that throne.

His other single Tuoane also did well becoming a favorite amongst newly Weds and those deeply in love.

This year, he has delivered yet another banger. Jitume a single in which the singer featured a female figure, Akeelah has been received well just hours after it was dropped.

His management, ATL music says this is just the beginning of so much more to come from the singer.

Jitume has been shared all over social media and is becoming a favorite to many.

In case you have not watched the now trending single, don’t worry, Mgahawani has exclusively shared it here with you.

Watch, share, comment and tell us what you think. Is this a hit or a miss?

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