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Ally Mahaba and Akeelah expected to shut down Bunga Bunga Nyali today!



Ally Mahaba is surely becoming a household name in Mombasa. His music is going places and the singer is expected to launch another single featuring Akeelah.

Bunga Bunga Nyali will be your to go place today as as everyone is expected to be at the venue to experience the magic.

Those in attendance include Mambo Mseto’s Willy M Tuva who will be the highlight of the night and the also the MC.


The red carpet affair will be graced by the whose of the Mombasa industry.

Gates open at 7. The red carpet affair and photography shall take place at this time.

From 8pm to 9Pm perfomances from other coastal artists releasing their songs.

9PM to 9:30PM 001 throwback videos.

9:30PM to 10PM video launch

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