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Meet former president Moi’s grandsons



Unlike the Kenyatta family, little is known about Moi’s grandsons and their whereabouts.

Although the media has covered some of them, it has always been had to have them together.

During this time, the demise of their grandfather and mourning brought them together.


During his life, Moi was blessed to have eight children. Five of which were male and 3 girls.

Jennifer Chemutai was former president Moi’s first born and was followed by Jonathan Toroitich.

Meet former president Moi’s grandsons

John Mark, the least popular among his children was the third born and was followed by Rongai member of parliament Raymond Moi.

President Moi’s last child was adopted and was among his favorite children. June was sired just after the twins Philip and Doris.

A photo of his grandsons has been shared online by a local journal and is doing rounds.

Have alook at the photo.

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