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The day former president Moi asked DP Ruto never to set foot at his burial



Well, there are some assumptions and allegations going around about the relationship between former president Daniel Moi and the current DP William Ruto.

Two months ago, a local journal wrote a story that went viral concerning some shocking directives former president Moi gave before his demise.

According to the journal, the former statesman ordered that DP William Ruto should not be allowed anywhere near his grave when the day comes.

Read that article here: Ruto should not attend my burial

The story went viral and these allegations were backed up by more findings.

Word also went round that Gideon Moi, the late Moi’s son had barred the DP from having a meeting with the former president.

It was also alleged that on the 6th of February 2020, DP William Ruto went to Lee Funeral Home to see the body of former president Moi but was denied access.

According to reports published by the Nation newspaper, the mogue attendants were under tight instructions not to let the DP view the body of the former president.

The day former president Moi asked DP Ruto never to set foot at his burial

All these, reports say are cards being played by some political bigwigs to sideline Ruto for the 2022 political bid. Gideon Moi is said to be among those running for office come 2022.

All these allegations were however put to rest after the DP was allowed to view the body of the former state head.

Ruto views the body of former president Moi.

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