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Exclusive: Inside the troubled life of Papa Dennis. Why he chose to end his life



Papa Dennis was perceived by many to be among Kenya’s richest musicians and one living the life of his dreams.

Around 2017, the singer cruised in high-end luxury vehicles, was seen hanging around politicians and was estimated to be around Ks 200 Million.

His music production and video direction were done by professionals from outside the country.

His music got the attention it deserved helping him bang numerous awards including the prestigious AFRIMMA awards in 2018.

Papa Dennis Displays some awards he won

During this period, he was under Sadat Muhindi’s Maliza Umaskini label that helped him live the life of a king.

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Around March 2019, Sadat Muhindi dropped his financing and reality hit the singer who is said to have gone into depression.

When the financing stopped and without the money to afford the life he was used to, things started to fall apart.

He slowly used up his savings and without an income to cover the money he was spending he was left dry and without a dime to his name.

He was evicted from his lavish Lavington home for failing to pay up rent. This sent him to a much trying phase of his life.

It’s said a majority of his friends deserted him and was left to fend for himself. With nowhere to go and food to eat, he found help from Mash Mjukuu the CEO and owner Nairobi records.

The last moments of Papa Dennis before his demise

Mash gave the singer a room in his Pangani studio and a mattress to sleep on. This was devastating to the once ‘rich’ artist.

He went into a depression as he could sometimes go on days without a meal. Things got tough for him and it’s said, during his last days, he became jovial and looked contented.

His brother Simon Mwangi wrote a report at the Pangani police station noting that the singer fell from Kirima building in Pangani and lost his life at around 11:35 Saturday night.

Sadat Muhindi gave his official statement on his demise and maintained that Dennis was a hardworking guy and he will miss him.

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