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Screenshots: After sending 20 year old Peter Blessing to prison, fans tells Bahati his downfall will be disastrous, you will even beg for salt.



Bahati Kenya seems to be thriving from controversies. The singer seems to have forsaken music and has indulged more in his reality show.

Weeks ago, after Peter blessing Saga, the artist went on his Instagram to claim that if he was never around some blogs, radios, and Tv would lack content to talk about.

During the same period, he acknowledged the fact that he enjoyed trending and thrives on it.

Fans are however getting tired of the now controversial singer and his games.

Just days after Peter Blessing was released from jail, he went ahead to compose a song in which he thanked Bahati for all the good he had done in his life.

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Days after the song was released, Bahati and his EMB team took it down from youtube. Word is, Bahati claims Peter Blessing (the name) is a product of EMB.

Fans are getting tired of this and one fan took it upon himself to bash the singer for his wrongdoings.

Just after posting another achievement of getting an ambassadorial job things got heated.

He posted;

WHO’S LIKE GOD??? GREATNESS 🔥🔥🔥 I am Just From Signing another BRAND AMBASSADOR DEAL 💪 💪💪 #AnnouncingSoon!!!

Fans came down guns blazing on the singer who is now among the most hated individuals in the music industry.

Check down the screenshots below.



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