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I performed at an event and got paid ksh 60,000, Bahati took it all and gave me Ksh 3,000 for rent and food – Peter Blessing



Former EMB signee Peter Blessings has exposed Bahati for being a con. the singer spent last weekend on the cold floors of the police cells after Bahati orchestrated his arrest.

According to the singer, Bahati made him sign a binding agreement that he was using to enslave him.

Bahati had gone to their home and promised his parents that he would help his career grow but instead was using him.


Peter told the press that he was tired of being used and wanted the freedom to work on himself because he was not growing working under Bahati.

Every single cent he got from working under Bahti was Bahati’s money and he never received anything from it.

Word is, during the new years eve, while others were paid Ksh 60,000 for performances, Blessings was handed Ksh 3,000 that was to stand for rent and food for the entire month.

Peter’s mother is bitter with Bahati for taking her son for granted and has asked the singer to bring back their son.

Peter also noted that Bahati had gone further to deactivate his Instagram account. The singer, however, says he has forgiven him for all the wrongdoings and has decided to start a new chapter.

On the other hand, Bahati had claimed, Peter was to pay Ksh 2Million before he could exit EMB

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