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How old were you, when you found out this was not snake saliva?



Well seems like most of our childhood was lies and more lies to protect us from the truth or keeping us safe as we have come to find out. From being told we would go blind if we saw an older person naked and now this. I sincerely feel played and toyed with mentally and psychologically.

A picture has been going around social media that has left me wondering what really is the truth and what is not. I grew up knowing this was snake saliva and now out of the blue we are told it’s actually not!

How old were you, when you found out this was not snake saliva?

Growing up, we were forced to run away from any thicket or bush we found this because we were told it was a snakes saliva and the snake was just nearby.

The shock on us. So I just found out that the above is actually a spittlebug’s saliva or whatever it is and it’s not from a snake. The finding has left me in shock till now. I am 29 years of age and until today, I have in my entire life known this was a snakes spit.

Share this if you as well had no idea this was not a snake’s saliva and let’s see how many shares this gets. Start sharing now.

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