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Kakamega: Corpse refuses to be buried over unpaid dowry. Clinches fists



Residents of Shambere, a small village in Kakamega were left in shock after a corpse refused to buried over unpaid dowry.

Speaking to a popular TV station, a neighbour to the deceased family says there occurred a misunderstanding between the dead woman’s family and her husband’s.

The family where the woman was married to had not paid her bride price and hence her people refused she be buried until all that was settled.

The husband’s side was reluctant and refused to adhere to the tradition forcing the woman’s side to take matters into their own hands. They vowed that their daughter would not be buried without her bride price being paid, and in full.

The day of the burial came. They went got her from the mortuary and took her back home where she was to spend the night and be buried afterwards.

When she arrived at her home she was okay but when morning came, she had clenched her fists which meant she had refused to be buried.

The husband’s side tried all they could but in vain. As people walked away that evening without burring their loved one, the husband’s family was forced to pay the dowry so that the woman could agree to be buried and rest in peace.

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