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Two sisters from Embu kill father after he used their brother's Ksh 5,000 funeral money on alcohol



Two sisters, Yesterday pleaded guilty for unintentionally committing murder during a family quarrel before a court magistrate.

The sisters, Esther Kagendo and Emily Wanjira admitted to killing their father Mr. Zachary Mutindi on September 7th the same day they were preparing for their brother’s burial.

Tabitha Weruma, the two girls’ mother also accused to be an accomplice in the murder but her case was not ready for a plea bargain.

The two girls together with their mother were accused of ganging up and killing their father who had taken money meant for their brother’s decent send off and used it on alcohol.

The court heard that on that fateful day, Tabitha phoned her two daughters after she had an argument with her husband over Ksh 5,000 contributed by friends for their son’s burial.

The sisters who lived in a neighbouring village arrived at around 10 PM. According to neighbours, they heard noises coming from the house from the moment the sisters set foot and came to a stop at around 12 AM.

Neighbours learnt about the death the next day and informed heir area chief who in turn sent in the police who arrested the three suspects.

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