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New report: Half of the Kenyan population earn below Ksh 30,000 a month



A new report by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) to be released this week shows that the number of Kenyans earning below Ksh 30,000 a month has increased.

The Data shows a 14% increment which is equivalent to 154,945 salaried Kenyans earning below the 30,000 mark.

This increment has increased the number of salaried Kenyans earning below 30,000 to 1,279.982.

According to the KRA report, this number equivalent to 46.3 percent of the total salaried Kenyans on their database.

The KRA report shows 2,765,159 out of the total Kenyan population are salaried.

This report is set to be released as Kenyans face the high costa of living and increment in commodity prices.

Some weeks ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta was quoted saying he didn’t know why a majority of the Kenyan population were broke a statement that angered many.

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