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Georgeous TV hosts Nonny Gathoni, Jackie Matubia and Kush Tracey introduce new travel show Spot Lifestyle



Gone are the days when getting sneak peeks of beautiful sceneries across the country was a near impossibility.

Today, you do not have to be rich or even travel to your favourite destinations to enjoy the views, thanks to a group of hot TV presenters who have taken upon themselves to take you there, free of charge, yes, free.

Revered TV hosts Nonny Gathoni, Jackie Matubia and Kenya’s top director Steve Kipande of Grip Pictures teamed up and brought forth an interesting travel show dubbed Spot Lifestyle.

Just like the name suggests, the show entails the three cuties moving across the country and showcasing the beautiful spots Kenya has to offer for both domestic and international tourism.

On their first episode, which was uploaded on their official YouTube Channel, the group toured Mombasa county where they highlighted, or rather captured the amazing sandy beaches, hotels, clubs and nearly everything nice the county has to offer.

It is not yet clear what their next destination but judging by their first episode, there is more great stuff in stor for their fans.

Unlike in most travel shows, the three brought their A-game as far as reality, creativity and fun is concerned.

Watch Spot Lifestyle on YOUTUBE.

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