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Meet the new FKF Mombasa branch leadership set to be unveiled on the 23rd



Football Kenya Federations (FKF) COUNTY elections dates have been set for the 23rd of this month (November) while the national elections are set to take place on the 7th of December 2019.

The national elections are set to be a walkover for Nick Mwenda, the current FKF national president who has no opponent or at least no one has shown interest to oppose him yet.

The same is the case for the Mombasa county FKF office who are just waiting to instill their new leadership.

The Mombasa elections are set to take place in Shanzu and voters are to be confirmed on the 21st of November.

According to sources, the below combination has been selected and approved by a majority of the county sports lovers who have trusted the team to lead the county in matters sports.

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  • Chairperson – Lilian Kazungu
  • Deputy Chairman – Martin Sammy Muithya
  • Secretary-General – Mahfudh Abdallah Omar
  • Women Representative -Dionna Demba
  • Youth Representative – Jones Kyalo Kang’utu

The above team continues to be a favorite among Mombasa sports lovers and is the office in waiting. A majority of those we asked have confirmed the above team has no competition and has the skills required to carry out all the responsibilities imposed on them.

Women and Youths have well been represented by this selection. The team is willing to work with the youth of Mombasa to help grow talent across the county.

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