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Supermarkets now selling poisonous maize flour at half price to do away with dangerous stoke



Just days before NTV ran their investigative journalism piece on dangerous poisonous maize flour, KEBS went ahead to ban some from different manufacturers.

Full list: Jembe, Kifaru, Dola, and Starehe among 210 maize flour banned by KEBS.

KEBS warned Kenyans against consuming the above-mentioned maize flour and ordered the said manufacturers to recall all their products. Retailers and supermarkets were also warned against selling it to unsuspecting Kenyans.

That, however, did not adhere too well to some supermarkets and retailers who instead of recalling the dangerous maize slashed its prices to lure more Kenyans into purchasing it.

Kenyan at a supermarket shelf ready to purchase maize flour

The flour that retailed at Ksh 140 is now being sold at Ksh 70. The cruel supermarket owners instead of following the KEBS directive have decided to slash their prices so as to decrease their loss.

Kenyans are advised to be cautious and not fall, victim to the ongoing scam by supermarkets to lure you into purchasing the dangerous flour.

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