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Photos: ‘Cursed’ Nandi sisters who can’t stop eating soap.



Sharon Chepchirchir and her sister Lydia Chepchirchir shocked Kenyans after the standard newspaper published their bizarre habit of eating soap.

The two say eating soap has never been an issue to them and has never caused them stomach upsets.

Sharon says her appetite for eating soap began when she was 5 years old and has since never stopped eating soap.

She added that staying for long without consuming soap makes her feel uneasy and sickly. If she lacks bar soaps, she goes ahead to lick powder soap.

Lydia, 17 also has the same problem. The two have tried finding solutions including finding spiritual interventions that cost them a whopping 10,000 but to no avail.

Doctors say the two may be suffering from a rare condition and lack some important minerals in their bodies that forces them to want to eat soap.

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