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Kenyan government left to suffer the Cost of Betting Industry Policy Farce



The Kenyan government claimed it was trying to stop the youths from becoming addicted to gambling when it laid down stringent measures that saw the shut down of several betting companies.

While the government held the aforementioned, some quotas stated the assault on the industry was simply an effort by some self-interested government officials who wanted to benefit from the lucrative industry.

Whatever the reasons, what cannot now be disputed is the financial consequences of their blunt action. has learnt through a report published by Citizen that revenue collected by Kenyan government from the betting industry dropped by a whole 260%.

In September 2019 the government collected KSh 74,205,002 which was a big drop compared to June 2019, when it collected KSh 354,212,882 million.

The gaming industry was generating over $100 million a year for the Kenyan treasury during its peak.

The consequences of the drop in revenue has been felt across social services, including health and education for the poorest Kenyans, as government can not fully foot the bills with the deficit.

The situation has left Kenya in a situation where much needed tax income for public services has dried up and, most ironically, gambling has continued, only that it is now taking place in an unregulated and uncontrolled way, leaving many thousands of Kenyans vulnerable to the dark forces that operate in the shadows.

Jobs were also lost with the falling of the axe; in fact, since July 2019 alone, at least 2000 Kenyans have lost their jobs, and the number shows no signs of slowing.

Since thousands of jobs were lost, thousands hit the streets in protests but that too did not touch the government.

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