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Stivo Simple Boy: Life became really tough growing up, I was forced to drop out of school while in class 8



Two months into his breakthrough, Stivo Simple Boy is undoubtedly Kenya’s most loved internet sensation currently.

Stivo’s breakthrough came after he was featured by Chipukeezy on his popular show, the Chipukeezy show. He passionately sang his Mihadarati song that has since been loved by Kenyans.

Betty Kyalo during the past weekend hosted the singer who shade more light on his growing up and the challenges he faced growing up.

Stivo grew up in Oyugi’s, Homa Bay County and came from a very humble background.

The singer remembers days when he could go to bed on an empty stomach since his family could not afford a meal.

Kupata karo ya kuenda shule ilikuwa ngumu sana; ma-time pia tulilala njaa, hakuna chakula tunapata. So ikipatakina tunakula, iki kosekana tunapenya tu hivyo. Niliachia class 8 juu karo haikuwa ya school fees saa ikabidi niachia hapo

Growing up amongst 8 siblings was tough and Stivo remembers losing one of his siblings during his childhood.

Life became so hard forcing him to drop out while in class 8. He started doing od jobs in Mijengo sites just to fend for himself and his family.

Stivo says despite being Kenya’s most loved singer currently, the income is not that much. He looks up to rapper Khaligrapph and would love to collabo with him some day.

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