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Joey Muthengi: My life was hell after I quit citizen’s 10over10 but I can never wish to go back.



Joey Muthengi, sassy TV girl has opened up about her life after quitting Citizen TV’s 10over10 show.

Taking to her social media, Joey told her fans that although she currently is happy where she is, her life became a mess and full of challenges upon leaving Citizen Tv.

Together with Willis Raburu, they had formed the face of the entertainment programs in Kenya. Things would however change when her bosses got involved.

Joey was the face of ‘Bet In’ Kenya. At the time, Citizen TV had its own betting company named Shabiki.

Her bosses from Citizen TV found this offensive and asked her to stop promoting another betting company other than their own.

The sassy TV girl then took what many would term the hardest decision ever. Joey quit her work at Citizen and decided to find work elsewhere.

She first moved to VOA, Voice of America before she was taken in as Cess Mutungi’s replacement at Capital FM.

a year later, she recalled all the struggles she went through. Through her handles she posted;

Today marks one year since I left my last job. It was a very difficult decision and I had no idea where i was headed afterwards. Won’t lie I’ve had some tough days. Yet God has guided me to the place I am now. Today I am happy, I am content and I know that I am loved. I’m so thankful for the people who have stuck by me and encouraged me along the way. God bless ❤.

Asked by a fan whether she would love to go back to Citizen Tv’s 10over10 she said that she did not have plans to go back.

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