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Why billionaire Chris Kirubi refused to meet former US President Barack Obama



In 2013, Kenya’s richest business mogul and entrepreneur Chris Kirubi refused to meet the then US president Barack Obama who had visited Tanzania.

Although this came as a surprise to many, Kirubi released a press statement in June of the same year and cleared the air on why he refused the invite by the US head of state.

According to the business Mogul, Obama snubbed Kenya, a country known to be his ‘motherland’ and opted to visit Tanzania just a country next door something he did not see right as a Kenyan and businessman.

“The visit of a powerful president to a country next door to you and not into your country means a lot to the investors in the world. The President of the US has the power to lead the investors, and he gave them the cue that the best place to invest in Tanzania, not Kenya,” he regretted

Kirubi added that his visit to Tanzania would be good for the image of that country but would have done worse for Kenya which was at a point of rebirth and needed investors to channel in their money.

Kirubi also added that his snubbing the US president’s invite was not a political issue but rather an economic and social issue that needed to be addressed at the time.

Kenyans might take it seriously. We need him here in order to grow our nation. If Barrack Obama visited Kenya, we would feature in every single media in the world, a matter that would go a long way in marketing the country to investors. This is a serious president, not the leader of a banana republic, and thus the loss is immense

Kirubi added that Obama left a big dent by visiting a neighbouring country and not setting foot in a country he called home and where his family was.

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