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Atwoli gives 6 sensational reasons why Uhuru will run for the third time in 2022



Controversial COTU secretary general shocked citizen Tv’s Jeff Koinange after he tabled claims alleging that President Uhuru Kenyatta might run for a third time in 2022.

During the live interview on JKLIVE, while taking the bench, Atwoli disputed president Kenyatta’s promise to retire in 2022 and let someone else lead.

According to Atwoli, President Kenyatta had all the support he needs to run for the third time and would triumph on both Raila Odinga and his deputy, William Samoei Ruto if he was to be in the ballot come 2022.

Atwoli argued that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) would pave way for a constitutional change that would allow president Kenyatta to run for a third term.

He went ahead to argue that Kenyatta was too young to retire. He added that President Kenyatta is wealthy and has connections with the mighty worldwide. His early retirement would affect the country’s well being if he chose to mess with it after his retirement.

Here is the video.

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