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Too many ‘VIP PASSES’ Motorists cry foul over the intolerable treatment at the Likoni ferry.



More than 10,000 people use the Ferries to get in and out of Mombasa Island from Likoni or South coast as others call it.

This number can double or triple depending on how busy a day is for the netizens. The ferry is home to so many things, mostly phone and wallet theft. We shall skip that part for today.

Too many ‘VIP PASSES’ Motorists cry foul over the intolerable treatment at the Likoni ferry.

There has been a raging crisis that has been going on for some time now at the Likoni crossing terminal. The long queues by motorists mostly from the Likoni side have become intolerable.

As these queues continue to increase, something else sprouts. Motorists with special pass tickets who in one way have the right of way!

This year, the government released a list of VIPs who qualified to have a right of way. However, seems like things are not as they should be.

Before we continue, check out the full list of people allowed to have a right of way in Kenya.

Here’s the full list of VIPs:


The President
The Deputy President
The First Lady
Defence, Interior and Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretaries
Interior Principal Secretary

The Chief of Defence Forces
The Service Commanders of Defence Forces
The Inspector-General of the National Police Service
The Deputy Inspector-General of the Kenya Police Service
The Deputy Inspector-General of the Administration Police Service

The National Assembly Speaker
The Senate Speaker

Retired Presidents
Retired Prime Minister

Fire Brigade
Update: The Inspector General has updated the list to also include:

The Chief Justice
Attorney General
Senate Majority Leader
Finance Cabinet Secretary
Principal Secretaries Defense, Finance and Foreign Affairs

The above list is a list of the only people allowed to have this special treatment at public places in the transport sector. The motorists have continued to lament in silence about the issue and nothing seem to be one.

The motorists want the county government of Mombasa to look into it and also look into one important matter. After 11 PM, The ferries operations are at their worst with waiting amount of almost an hour. This needs to change too.

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Author :Athmani Jibe Mwandoro, Kwale.

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