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Champions League Invader Explains Why She Did It.



Kinsey Wolanski explained why she opted to disrupt the Champions League Final.”Life is for living, do crazy things that you will remember forever”, She wrote in a video which she posted then deleted the video later.

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Did I distract #8 a little too much?

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The play was halted after the blonde bombshell jumped over the advertisement boards and sprinted across the pitch. Which she was stopped by securities and was jailed but was released later after being bailed by her boyfriend.

Kinsley Wolanski was said to be promoting her boyfriend adult website “Vitaly Uncensored”.Wolanski Instagram skyrocket after the incident took place, from tens of thousands of followers in Instagram to 2.3million followers. Her boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is also a famous YouTube prankster who also disrupted the 2014 World Cup Final

The couple is prominent on the adult group Vitaly Uncensored, which they were advertising it through Wolanski branded swimsuit.

Here are some of her pics.

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with her boyfriend on valentine
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