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Mombasa Billionaire who refused any government office post but feeds half of the poor population.



Those of us who reside in Mombasa have surely come across huge crowds at the former Mombasa railway station having lunch or dinner without paying a cent. These meals are prepared daily and those that can’t afford are welcomed to eat for free.

His name is Asuu, owner and founder of Mombasa Cement and also owns a corrugated iron sheets company. The Billionaire has dedicated his life into giving back to the society. He is little known to the public and no media coverage has been done to cover his dedication to improving the lives of the poor.

Asuu feeds almost half of the poor population in Mombasa for free. Buying them clothes and building schools. He also distributes water and cleans the city using his own Mombasa cement lorries.

Mombasa cement lories delivering water in homes

Word is, the Billionaire has built charity homes for all the challenged children in Mombasa and parts of Kilifi. . This we are told he does as ‘Sadaka’ for how far God has taken him through his business ventures.

That’s not all. He has gone further to building concrete fences around schools and police station for free. Word is, Kilifi residents once asked him to join politics which he humbly denied.

He has also given employment to over 5,000 Mombasa residents who help in city cleaning, cooking for the poor, taking care of the old and challenged children.

We are still following up the story and hope to bring you all the details about this selfless man.

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