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How KRA officials flushed phones after discovering that their interns were DCI detectives.



Kenya Revenue Authority officials are facing the most challenging times of their lives. Without knowledge, The officials hired DCI detectives as interns whose job was to unearth their dirt.

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According to sources, KRA has a rule that no phones are allowed at the document processing chamber. However, the 4 months the ‘interns’ worked for KRA, they ascertained that phones were used.

No document was processed without a phone call. This was to set and receive bribes for faster processing. According to the DCI report, most phone calls were made to help with tax evasion. KRA was loosing over 40 Million monthly from this syndicate.

When word reached Times Tower that DCI officials were in the premise. Some KRA officials tried to flush their phones to avoid being caught. However it was too late. About 40 Officials were arrested and will be arraigned in court on Monday.

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