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Critics admit Masauti’s Ipepete is fire but he should have waited for Ramadan to end.



Let’s all agree to disagree, Masauti is now among Kenya’s best musical acts and he has proven that. Releasing hits after hits, his latest jam Ipepete is something we all are jamming to secretly as we fast and respect the holy month.

Before we continue let us have a glimpse of this hot jam below.

Masauti Ipepete

Critics think Masauti should have waited for the holy month to come to an end. Most of those saying this are secretly jamming to the song but fear sharing it online for the fear of being judged. (Matako ni mengi wanasema)

Let’s now face it. Masauti has acquired a large fanbase across Kenya. Truth be told, the Muslim community is about 20%. As we from Mombasa fast, those in other places want to be entertained. For an artist that has just been accepted to the entertainment and receiving mad fan love, taking breaks wouldn’t have worked for him.

The song, Ipepete is smoking hot. We both agree on that at least. In just 2 days, the song has garnered more than 100k views and still counting.

We think Masauti should bring this vibe back to back. Mungu ataelewa.

Karibu mgahawani.

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