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Mombasa residents should boycott all ‘Tuktuks’ and Matatu with Wasafi and Bongo Artwork



I have recently taken a keen interest on how our music is marketed just around this small city and truth be told, it’s sickening.

statistically, about 60% of pimped out tuktuks or matatus contain bongo artworks (Wasafi), while the other 40% are of movie characters and football celebrities. Nobody has however spoken about this but if artists were to speak this out, there followers would probably listen.

It’s not okay to make it a normal thing. No car or Tuk tuk in Tanzania has a Kenyan artist embroidery let alone an artist from Mombasa . For them to give them a free marketing platform just shows us that our artists have become irrelevant. We should not allow such stupidity under our nose. These are the same artists that come to our cities, get paid huge amounts and refuse to perform as if we lack such talents.

Nairobi for example, matatus have artwork and I mean almost all of them. What stands out about them however is how they have tried marketing the city and its artists. Mombasa however sucks at this.

I can bet, apart from Kelechi being on one motorbike artwork in Malindi, no any other artist has his artwork in any moving thing. This has to stop. We need to tell everyone to boycott every vehicle with bongo artwork and use those that support our artists. The transport industry has a big role in making sure we grow together and if they can’t support fellow local artists let Tanzanins come and use their tuktuks or matatus.

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